Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bulk Email sending through Gmail


Nowadays, bulk mailing is a major concern for the business persons.  Every feature has its advantages and disadvantages of its own. Bulk email is also termed as ‘Spam Mailing’. Using this feature, one can make grand advertisements, send newsletters,etc.
    The disadvantage is that, it may not available in the inbox of the recipient, instead it may be available in the spam folder, where the chance of noticing the mail is very less. This is actually done by bulk email blocker programmed into email accounts.
    Advantage of bulk mailing is that, very less time is spend for sending mail to so many recipients.
In this article, I will show you , how to send bulk-mail using Gmail.


  1. Thanks for the useful article on how to send bulk email through Gmail. The disadvantage of sending bulk email through Gmail is it would be considered as spam mail and reaches the recipient's spam folder only. Not inbox. That is why I use Express Email Marketing service from mails sent through this service always reaches recipient's inbox. I can send unlimited emails for up to 10,000 subscribers through this.

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